November 2023 marked our 20-year anniversary!




Chiropractic Works Wellness Center has been serving the Spokane area and beyond for more than two decades!Dr. Tom Zolezzi's patients include families in Spokane WA




During that time, we’ve worked with approximately 6,000 patients and their families – some including third- and fourth-generation members. The ages of our patients have ranged from less than 1-year-old to 100-years-old.




Our regional patients live as close as the Millwood neighborhood and as far away as Montana. We’ve also served celebrities including local “rockstar” and national Cabaret sensation, Abbey Crawford (see testimonial here ) and a legendary bass player in an international rock band.




Since the day we opened our doors, however, we’ve always considered all our patients to be “rockstars” for making the conscious choice to be happy, healthy and, certainly, well-adjusted for all life has to offer!




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