What our patients say about Chiropractic Works Wellness Center:

"Regular chiropractic care is essential for my family. Many other things had to be cut from our budget, but the chiropractic care is part of the ‘backbone’ of our families’ health. If the kids get sick, they want to go see Dr. Tom because he helps them feel better. They run and jump on to the table for their adjustments! When our 2½ year old son fell on the concrete and had a mild seizure, he simply wasn’t himself. We came straight to the office. We carried him in, dazed and lethargic. After his adjustment, as cliché’ as it may sound, he literally had his power turned back on! He nearly ran back out of the office and said “Hi” like he was back to normal. It was beautiful. My 4½ year old daughter tries to tell me she is sick so she can get an extra adjustment, and our littlest, the 9 month old has been coming since she was 5 days old. She is truly the happiest baby! She smiles and reaches out her hand to Dr. Tom’s face when he is adjusting her as if she is saying “thanks.”  And that’s just the kids… I found Dr. Tom when I was nearly 9 months pregnant and barely able to walk because of back pain. A few adjustments and I felt good enough to be pregnant another couple of months!"   – Cassie Surprise & Family


“I came to Chiropractic Works Wellness Center on a recommendation from my foot-zoner. I’d been to other Chiropractors’ and gotten very temporary relief, with the original issue always returning with time. My experience this time has changed my life! The wellness approach coupled with the gentler methods Dr. Tom uses has deeply impacted my life physically, nutritionally and emotionally. I never would have imagined that my spine was the great orchestra conductor.

In the almost year of getting regular chiropractic/wellness care, my life has changed. I have more energy, back and neck issues I’ve struggled with have improved greatly! Daily activities and larger chores (i.e.: raking, gardening, shoveling) do not lay me up for weeks after. My back is stronger than ever. I’m also working to change my nutrition; plagued by many years of bad habits and weight issues I’m looking at the whole big picture of my life differently now and am excited to continue on this journey.  I shout my victories to the mountain tops and tell everyone who will listen! It’s the best investment for me that I can make!”   – Jenny Lynch


"Chiropractic care starting improving my life over 10 years ago.  Dr. Tom has been my constant chiropractic companion over those 10 years, teaching me how to take care of my body holistically and through chiropractic care.  I had so many  issues with my body; back, neck, shoulders, hips - sometimes to the point of barely being able to move, and I would look forward to my appointments with Dr. Tom so I could have my body back.  I don't deal with the level of pain that I had before I started seeing Dr. Tom, and my life is all the better for it.  Here's the best part though - it's not JUST for my bone issues - I will go see Dr. Tom if I have a cold, the flu, or some other unidentifiable issue and he will ALWAYS get to the bottom of it.  I will always go see him before I try other alternatives, because his knowledge will set me on the right path.  I remember after I quit smoking, that I had a cough that was consistently hanging on.  I was frustrated and it was painful.  I went to Dr. Tom - he pinpointed it,adjusted my spine, recommended some supplements and within a week, the cough was gone and I was on my way to healing.  My family and I will always come to Dr. Tom first in the event of illness or pain.  I am so thankful to have this medium of wellness available to me.  I always feel welcome, and I always leave knowing that I have been taken care of in an office that treats me as family."    Abbey Crawford


"What can I say about Chiropractic care….It totally keeps my family healthy and strong.  We no longer experience the “normal” seasonal ailments. No flu, no colds, no yuck!!!  We no longer struggle with heartburn, headaches or irritable bowel syndrome.  My youngest, at age eighteen months, struggles with chronic ear infections and chiropractic care healed her after just one treatment.

As a hairstylist and Fiber Arts Designer, Chiropractic care enables me to continue to do what I do in spite of repetitive motion injuries caused by my professions! I must admit though that no all “Chiropractic Care” can be treated equally!  Chiropractic Works Wellness Center by far consistently OUT HEALS AND OUT CARES all other offices in this area!!”   – Michelle Welker


"When I first started seeing Dr. Tom as a patient last January I was in constant physical, mental, and emotional pain. I had hit rock bottom being very depressed and suffering from frequent crying episodes because I felt so sick.  I couldn’t sleep. My shoulder constantly burned down into my arm making it numb, I had headaches daily, and my back and hips always hurt. I had very bad posture and the pain interfered with my work, sports, and family life.

Over the last year, Dr. Tom’s adjustments have drastically improved my symptoms and gotten completely rid of some altogether. My headaches are gone, the shoulder pain is gone, and I finally sleep through the night. I found out from Dr. Tom that my back pain was partly caused by scoliosis – something. I didn’t even know I had. By working on my spine my posture has improved and I am now two inches taller than I was a year ago. Because I feel better physically, I can finally exercise and play sports – I ran three 5Ks last year for the first time ever. It has also improved my emotional and mental state. I am much happier and I get a lot more enjoyment out of life. I can handle stress better now and I rarely get depressed.

 Chiropractic care changed my life."  – Terene Kvinge


"I have gone to a chiropractor most of my life, mostly for fixing an aching back.  Until working with Dr. Zolezzi did I learn that chiropractic is good for overall health.  Head colds and/or sinuses for me are rare. When the world around me is getting the seasonal flu, I’m able to ward it off.  My arthritic pains are minimal, and my body remains limber because of the adjustments and exercises Dr.Zolezzi has shown me.

In addition to the physical benefits, the Wellness Center is a hospitable and friendly place to visit. I always feel like I’m here to see good friends."  – Donna Goodner